All About Hang Drum Handpan

Hang drum handpans are not the most popular instruments right now but it’s getting more and more attention by musicians and composers all over the world as it’s the go-to instrument to create visceral and gentle atmospheric sounds. The Hang was conceived in 1999, so it’s not a very longstanding instrument but its ancient sounds is what makes it amazing to hear in the hands of an expert hang player. If someone is in need of a hang drum handpan to practice their skills on, they need to have a guide to look for a good hangdrum handpen.


Knowing the Features

A hang is the simplest instrument out there and yet the features that it contains are several. Before buying a hang drum handpan, one should always do their homework and should have the knowledge of these features as there are fake and rip-off instruments. The features make a huge difference in your sound so do your research before heading out to buy a hang drum handpan.

Searching for Reasonable Price

Since hang drum handpans are not your usual instrument you can find in your local store, you can find it once you’re looking for it. The rarity of the instrument does make its value to increase but it’s a one-time buy so might as well do it right. If you find a place to buy a cheap hang, remember to look for flaws for rip-off or most of the time, it’s not made out of the material it should have been. It might falter later in time so be cautious.

Looking at the Material

The point can’t be stressed from above. Since a hang drum instrument requires a beating in order to play, if it falters after a period of time, your money will be wasted. The metal used for the instrument must be strong like steel and it’s guaranteed to last a generation. One more thing to lookout when buying, is the weight. As heavier weight generally means a heavier construction which in turn means better quality of the instrument.

Choosing Tone Fields

The ding and the gu, the top playing part and the bottom tone fields respectively, have almost 9 different unique sounds. So when searching for a hang drum handpan, keep in mind the type of sound you want. Do not go into the first shop and buy the instrument. Take a day and go in each shop, play the instrument and see which one you think sounds the way you want. Cheap hang instruments usually have
Size Matters

Don’t forget about the size of the hang instrument you want to buy. Generally, bigger hangs have deeper tones and smaller ones have gentler tones. Know before-hand which one you are going to buy and what your music requires. Most commonly a regular hang instrument is 53×25 cm but you can also get larger or smaller by your preference.

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